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Privacy Policy
Data Collection
Argentum Webware Pty Ltd (A.C.N. 127 208 226) (Argentum Webware) only stores information that is absolutely necessary to the function of this web site (Site) and your use of the Site.

urWurld does not utilise 'cookies' directly though it does use Google Analytics to track information about page usage and user interaction with the site. Google Analytics uses 'cookies' to track a single user's journey across multiple sessions (a session is initiated when you navigate to a website and terminated when you navigate away from that site).
If you have chosen to disable the use of 'cookies' on your browser then you can still use the Site and Google Analytics will be unable to track your journey between sessions.

User Accounts
Argentum Webware only collects and stores your personal data when you choose to create a urWurld User Account. In this scenario your email address, password, a display name and any other optional information you choose to provide will be stored in our database along with any content that you create using the tools provided on the Site. Please refer to our Terms of Use for information relating to the use of these tools.

Email a Friend
Argentum Webware does not store any information associated with the 'Email a Friend' functionality. Neither your name nor their email address is stored.
Data Security
Argentum Webware stores your private data in a manner that ensures that only authorised persons are able to view, change or delete that data.

Authorised Persons
Only selected Argentum Webware staff have access to the private data stored within our database. Those staff are fully aware of our privacy policy and the terms that apply to the collection and use of your private data.
Data Use
Argentum Webware agrees to only use your private data in the manner that has been proposed by this site.

Proposed Uses
If you have created a urWurld User Account then your private data will only be used to perform that recurring service. Your private data will never be used for any other purpose.

If you have supplied your private data to the urWurld Email a Friend service then your private data will only be used to perform that one-off service. Your private data is not stored by this service and cannot be used for any other purpose.
Data Disclosure
Argentum Webware undertakes to never disclose your private data to any third party without your consent with the following exception:

In the event that a court order, search warrant, sub poena, or the provision of a statute requires disclosure of your private data we will endeavour to notify you of this disclosure unless this is also precluded by law. In this circumstance we will only disclose that data that is absolutely necessary to fulfill our obligations.
Data Retention & Destruction
Argentum Webware only retains your private data that applies to the urWurld User Account service. In the event that you choose to disable your urWurld User Account your private data will be retained as a record of your involvement.

If you choose to have all record of your private data removed from the urWurld User Account service then please contact Argentum Webware through the contact form made available on this site.
Access by You to Your Personal Data
Should you wish to obtain access to your private data that you have supplied to Argentum Webware you will have to provide sufficient identification to indicate ownership of that data. In the event that your identity is verified Argentum Webware will provide access to our records of your private data.
Handling of Enquiries, General Concerns and Complaints
If you have enquiries, general concerns, or complaints about these Terms, or about Argentum Webware's behaviour in relation to these Terms, you undertake to communicate them in the first instance to Argentum Webware through the contact form available on this site.

You further undertake not to pursue Argentum Webware through any Regulator or the media unless Argentum Webware has had a reasonable opportunity to respond to the initial communication and while Argentum Webware and you are conducting a meaningful dialogue about the matter.
Changes to These Privacy Undertakings
Argentum Webware undertakes not to change these Terms in a manner that comprises the protections for your private data. In the event that these Terms do change Argentum Webware will make all previous versions of these Terms easily accessible and take measures to clearly indicate the changes.