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Recent Recommendations
sandy19 Feb 2012Cafe de Flore is a well known literary cafe, but it is more than that. People in the neighborhood stop by for their morning café crème when they're out walking their dogs, and many are regulars. Their croissants are wonderful, and while the price is admittedly higher than some, so is the quality. A visit to Cafe de Flore is well worth it for the people watching alone, and the waiters are excellent.
Sandy, your review is so good we're going to publish it word for word! Thanks for this and your other brilliant tip offs. The urWurld Team.
Samantha17 Jan 2012I love ur wurld
Thank you Samantha :D
Jimmy mcguinness24 Oct 2011Lets fly
Where are you going?
Merissa26 Aug 2011Hi!
Why hello....did that sound creepy?
Nano23 Apr 2011Where are the rest of the countries???
Were there any in particular you were looking for?
Dhiraj16 Feb 2011Add india
We'd love to add India, a huge destination, where should we start do you think?
Lito3 Jan 2011Shibuya
Is here:
Ashik22 Dec 2010Dolphin Hotel Excellent cheesecake! Theodore Raisis
The Dolphin in Surry Hills, Sydney, Australia? Yes we agree, a fantastic kitchen and a popular pub. It's the perfect mix of stylish but local.
Peter9 Aug 2010The Exchequer Gastropub Dublin. Great food , exceptional cocktails and great tunes. Late bar
Thanks Peter we'll check it out!
Kelsey O'Neal24 Jul 2010Hey- I think this app is great & I love the idea & method behind it- however, I would love it even more to see St.Louis in the list of American cities!!! Thanks, Kelsey
Thanks Kelsey, St.Louis hey, our Route 66 guide touches on St. Louis a tiny bit, but there's heaps more to see there. It's on the list!