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Refreshing Country & City List
The first time that you open the urWurld App you will need to retrieve the latest country and city listings from
To load the most recent information simply press the refresh button that is displayed in the top right corner of the application. The initial load will take a little longer than subsequent loads as it will be retrieving all of our country and city data whereas later loads will only get the new data.
Our information is constantly being updated, extended and filtered so make sure you update your app with our latest listing of countries and cities by pressing on the refresh button whenever it suits you.

Once you have loaded the data from our site you will see a list of all of our countries and an indication of how many city guides are currently offered within each country. To view the list of available city guides within a country simply select the country you're after and the list of cities will be displayed. Again, in order to open a city guide simply select the city that you're interested in and the city guide will be displayed.