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The urWurld Team
Who we are is the primary media product for Argentum Webware, a young company dedicated to distributed media via the best technology.

What we do
Our free, independent, and highly filtered travel guides give you access to the best information for cities all over the world.

All of our content is available as a living, growing resource that you can view online or selectively draw into your free iphone app and carry with you wherever you go.

Sync your app with this website ( whenever you like to make sure you've got the latest data offline and in your pocket.

All of our content is collected from serious research with input from the online community, local writers, travellers, and the media. We stay on top of great new places but we steer clear of marketing spin and tourist fluff.

We offer a wide range of insights into all of our cities with recommendations spanning restaurants, bars, accommodation, leisure activities, shopping, history, architecture, nightclubs, cafes and others.

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The urWurld Team.

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